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Yusuf Moosajee

Economics & Business Tutor

Yusuf is Head of Economics at a grammar school.  He has been teaching for 13 years, with lots of experience teaching GCSE and A level Economics and Business courses across most of the exam boards.  Before becoming a teacher, Yusuf worked in the media industry, predominantly in business-to-business public relations and publishing, after his dreams of becoming a Royal Navy fighter pilot were dashed by health issues.

Yusuf graduated from Brunel University with a BSc (Hons) Politics and Economics, before studying for an NCTJ in Newspaper Journalism.  He returned to Brunel to complete the then-unique MSc Public Affairs and Lobbying course.  After the 2008 Global Financial Crisis which had a profound impact on the media industry, Yusuf enrolled in the University of Warwick’s teacher training programme, and graduated with a PGCE in Business Education.

Yusuf’s academic specialisms are organisational and labour economics, so he is more than able to help you with market structures and labour markets.  As political science was a big part of his education, he is also very interested in macroeconomic performance and policy, and can help you to develop an understanding of what affects macroeconomic performance, how manipulation of policy influences said performance, and how policies and objectives may often conflict with each other. Working in a range of business settings has also given Yusuf a practical knowledge of marketing, operations, HR, and finance providing a richer, contextualised approach, helping you to develop a more practical analysis of the theories you learn.

As a former newshound and PR man, Yusuf follows the news constantly, and always has up-to-date examples to help you develop contemporaneous, coherent and comprehensive chains of analysis with evaluations based on salient real-world justifications from the business world, political arena, or from the national or international macroeconomy.

In his limited spare time, Yusuf tries to keep fit, watches all things Star Wars, and occasionally plays GTA online and Hitman.  He is apparently rather good at Tekken too.