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Our Tutoring Method

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Lessons are conducted using our sophisticated online, virtual classroom software. You do not need to download or install any software or require anything other than a good internet connection and your preferred web browser. Students enter the site using a link sent to them by their tutor. Students and tutors can interact seamlessly through our platform and can both edit and view the whiteboard. 

The interactive whiteboard is very advanced as pictures, PDF’s, PowerPoints and exam questions can be loaded on to the platform and are fully interactive. Further to this, everything written on the interactive whiteboard is saved and can be accessed outside of lesson to students and parents. This makes revision and recapping lessons seamless for students. 

Our tutors provide personalised feedback to parents as well as tips and targets for students. To help students meet these targets, they are given activities and questions to help improve their target areas.

Online tutoring has grown significantly in the past 5 years, with students and parents starting to see how beneficial this is. The main benefits for students are:

  • Lessons can take place anywhere
  • Students can benefit from subject specialists that may not be located near to them
  • Lessons can be recorded and saved and accessible at any time
  • Parents can easily attend lessons online
  • Convenience of not having someone coming into your home