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Darren Collins

Business, Economics & Finance Tutor

A Business, Economics & Finance teacher, who has also gained industry/ real life experience along the way. A big believer in being able to apply and bring to life the theory of teaching Business, Economics & Finance, it is great to be able to apply, analyse and evaluate these theories against my own experiences.

Having taught in London, Canterbury and Cairo – Egypt, it is also great to be able to provide a platform that offers a wider global mindset and set of critical thinking skills to the students I teach!

With many years of teaching a wide range of students at a variety of levels, I teach Business, Economics and Finance at GCSE, A-Level and IB with experience of teaching both in the UK and internationally. I also have experience as an examiner, which again helps students greater understand what examiners will be looking for from them in exams.

Student centred in my approach, it is always about ensuring the student(s) gains the best learning experience possible.