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Cathleen Schmitke

Spanish, French & Portuguese Tutor

I am a multi-lingual qualified teacher and experienced traveller and translator. Growing up in bilingual Canada and gaining a Chilean stepfather at age 8 not only exposed me to other languages, but also introduced me to the benefits of learning about different cultures. This inspired me to take a BA and MA in Hispanic Studies (Spanish and Portuguese) and later qualify as a teacher. I currently teach GCSE and A level French in Bristol and I also teach German to year 7s – demonstrating my ongoing passion for learning languages.


I have extensive lived experience in Latin America and Portugal and use real life anecdotes in my teaching along with practical skills for students to help them gain the confidence and knowledge needed to pass exams. I am a considerate and patient teacher, drawing on pupils’ strengths in order to improve other areas and I believe that with the right level of motivation and perseverance anyone can succeed in languages, opening doors to a myriad of opportunities.