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Angela Cored Sos

Spanish Tutor

My name is Angela, and I’m 24 years old. I’m a Primary Education teacher and a Spanish teacher. I want to tutor to continue teaching my wonderful mother tongue.

I’m a cheerful, expressive, organized, patient, hard-working and communicative person. I’m very curious and strive to learn a little more every day. I have clear objectives and maintain a consistently positive attitude in various situations. I know how to listen, empathize, help, and care

I’m very open-minded and optimistic, qualities that are crucial for being a teacher in different contexts. I’m an active and sociable individual. I greatly enjoy spending time with people who bring positivity into my life. Simultaneously, I relish my personal time—reading, conversing with my loved ones, watching movies or series, and listening to music.

Engaging in sports is something I genuinely enjoy; it benefits me both physically and mentally. Reading fascinates me, particularly when I can delve into history or philosophy through different novels. Additionally, I’m passionate about photography, and my Canon camera is always by my side. I have an affinity for food and am always eager to try new dishes.

Feeling valued and loved is something that rejuvenates me. I’m genuinely excited about the prospect of teaching Spanish with all of you. Looking forward to it! See you soon!